What is the best natural cure once you have an onset clogging in your heart arteries?

Question by L. AP ya u know me!: What is the best natural cure once you have an onset clogging in your heart arteries?
I would like to share my exceptionally dire situation in the whole planet. I am steadfast that there’s something wrong happening in my heart’s artery system. WHY? i have chest pains, shortness of breath, confused. I am relatively well informed re heart diseases and I don’t wanna listen to advice like “go see a doctor!” because I’d taken three sojourned with different physicians and all prognosis & tests e.g. 2d echo & ekg came nil of a problem. The last physician advised me for stress test which i deliberately defied cause i know that there is indeed something wrong with me. I wouldn’t be feeling all of these if i’m in tip top condition! That’s why it made me deduced that these happenings are merely outlandished. Just recently, im suffering a tinitus? Btw, does the latter beckons any relativity with heart problems? Well guys, i need advice on the natural way to declog my arteries e.g. eat gloves of garlic, exercise, change lifestyle…& what other very very natural & essential tips?
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Answer by Catamaran
Heart disease is a killer. A lot of your risk for developing life threatening heart disease depends on your risk factors such as age, sex, family history, smoking, obesity, diabetes and hypertension. Depending on the presencee or absence of these factors you can be risk categorized. From that point on if you are someone who is in the moderate to high risk category, i would recommend that you comply with the recommendations of your physicians i.e. Stress test etc. to definitely rule out the presenc of heart disease.
Coming to your question about natural cure for ‘declogging ‘ arteries. To my knowledge at this time there exist many claims but not even one scientifically proven ‘natural cure’ to declog arteries after the onset of significant atherosclerosis.
So my suggestion is that you stick with the recommendations of your physicians. Hope this helps.

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