Best fruit and nuts for my own health

Best fruit and nuts for my own health

Fruit has been used for there health benefits through out history and is still used to this day.

Cancer fighting fruits are more common than you think.Information is coming readily available. We  take a look through history of fruit in the books that have been written over the years. What are the benifits of fresh fruit.

A lot of people beleive it is alot better for your digestive system. As most fruits are between 40% – 80% water making it very easy for your body to brake down the food and use the nutrients that your body needs.

Not blocking up your digestive track with solid food that can take quiet a few days to brake down, use alot of your bodys energy. 
We are finding out through history that some of the most common friuts hold alot of anti oxidants which helps the body to function at optimum levels.

Some of the best cancer fighting foods are fruits and their seeds, or skins of to naturally cure many health issues that we face today.

Healing properties of fruits and nuts can make a difference to cancers. A lot of different coulored fruits have a anti inflammatory properties . Also a wide variety of nuts have alot of health benefits to helping with your health. 

Next time your interested have a look at some of the different colours of the fruits and the different benifits. Most of the time it is more benificial to eat something fresh or have a nice herbsl tea. Then you start to ralise the benifits of mother earth and what the planet holds in regards to healing your own body. This has taken me a few years to understand as I always used other sources of healing very quick fixes.

But they never lasted for long once I stopped taking them. The symptoms just kept coming back. Then for my own live I learnt there are many things we still need to know about health and personal healing.

I hope this website is able to shed some light on a few issues that can guide you to a better understanding of personal choice of health. Not just running to the shelf and getting a quick fix.

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Found this great for cutting up fruit like watermelon and herbs.
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