Natural cure for reflux in adult?

Question by Mumof4chn!: Natural cure for reflux in adult?
I think I have acid reflux. 32yrs old overweight female! I wake up with a bile tast in my mouth in the middle of the night and feel like something is coming back up my throat if I don’t sit up. During the day I burp a lot. The back of my throat feels full and sore sometimes. I have 4 children so eat quickly at meal times is this what is causing it?
Does anyone know of a natural cure for it? Any other life style changes I need to make. Please help me I am a very busy mum and need to stay on top of things!
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Answer by curmudgeon
stay away from: chocolates, carbonated beverages, fried food, tomato products, citrus (acid) products. Use Tums as opposed to all those fancy products.

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