About Me

About Me

This health website is created for all that prefer to enjoy the healthy natural things in life. That the planet offers our health to look good and feel better. If you have ever suffered from a sickness brought on by the use of too many tablets.

That destroys our ability to rebuild cells in our bodies. Or food flooded with chemicals that destroy our health with the food we eat this site is for you.
As a garden grows from a seed to a living natural health selection of foods and nutrition. Ready to fight and help manage health issues. My health, at last, will change the way you think.

Over the next few month and years. Maturing into one of the best nutritional information websites. On natural health and healing topics. I have lived naturally most of the later years of my life.

I prefer an enjoyable life, I prefer to avoid chemicals as much as I can. For the best healthy living possible. I am also a cancer survivor and believe our health relies on what we consume. We have got lazy as a society. We seem to want something to eat immediately that is pre-made.
Which we have no idea of what is even in the product we are consuming. I mean how many people actually read the ingredients? We grab a product off the shelf. Because it’s convenient it’s made and full of preservatives and other nasty’s.

It’s time to make time for your health and start to make your meals so you know exactly what is in them. For as long as I remember our family used natural remedies first.
My health covers everything about living a healthy life.

Naturally without too many of the processed food toxin-laden products out there. I’m also live a plant-based lifestyle and my body’s reaction to this change was almost immediate.
I like to share information about how to create your own healthy lifestyle.

Others also can contribute to this by posting on my Facebook page as well. We also cover herbs, as I believe mother nature provides all we need. Natural living is getting more popular.
People realize some of the dangers associated with their lifestyle.

We are accepting as a society and want to take control of their lifestyles. Even the way we think now has been linked to health issues. chemical-free food is the best medicine.

If we don’t make time for health and fitness we will soon have to make time for sickness and poor health If you found an amazing recipe share it with our community.

                                     Feel free to email me for a chat or just some support 

This site is rather personal for me as in 2003 my life was great I had everything going for me a great job. I did not realize this was going to change so dramatically. About 5 weeks before my 30th birthday and I had big plans.
I noticed a small lump on my throat and thought nothing of it.

Well, about 9 days later this lump grew to a golf ball size.
So a friend recommended I went to see someone about it. So as everyone does I went to the doctor as any person would and he did a biopsy then and there on the spot.

Go home and rest but do not worry he said. I did not worry at all as I lived what I thought was a healthy life. , Well I got a call from the doctor 4 days later he needed to see me immediately. I was worried by then as the lump had almost grown 3 times its original size.
The day was the 6th of March my birthday in 3 weeks. Well on that day I found out that I had Cancer.

My life stood still for just a few moments as I had just realized what the doctor had said.
From that point in my life, my whole life changed my thoughts my outlook on everything. I thought my life was over. I went into a person that I never thought I could be shutting people out of my life.

Drinking very heavily as I thought if I was to die I was going to be happy but drinking was not the answer.

A very close friend of mine came to see me they were worried. I was an emotional wreck at this stage. Having no close family or friends that I wanted to talk to. I went into total isolation.

Also with drinking did not help this situation. They said to me why don’t you fight it you have so much to live for. They were right so from that moment I snapped out of my self-pity and started to fight back.
This was not that simple it took a lot of mind control as it was always thinking WHY ME.

I had to constantly think the opposite this has happened for a reason. My goal was to work out why. To remind myself of the great things in life to look forward to.
I had my surgery on my 30th birthday had the cancer removed rather emotionally from that time on. Then a few weeks later I had radiation therapy.

It took a long time to heal the emotions. Friends and family coming into the hospital crying, I told them to leave as I was not down and out yet. I was still struggling with my own emotions little alone anyone else. Even if they did care this was a personal struggle.
This continued for 4 years with therapy.

Then when going for my last check-up. I got the news my father had passed away. That almost destroyed me again. I had lost the one man I was getting close to after so many years. I never got to tell him I love him and appreciated our time together. This rocked my world. So now I realized I survived for a reason.

I also pay it forward now by helping others this is why this site was built. Now I am a healthy vegan but if I had of known what I know now about food. All of them years ago I would not have just believed what I was told about my health.

So I am a firm believer that mother nature provides all the nutrition that we need. Rather than anything man-made. Enjoy my site as I will share what healthy options I have in life now. I am grateful for my life now and also willing to talk to others.

I also have a Natural bodybuilding page if you are interested to check it out link is Here https://naturalbodybuildingonline.com/