5 bad habits you don't need to break

5 bad habits you don’t need to break
Sometimes you’ve just got to be bad. You know, let a few swear words fly or doodle to your heart’s content while you’re supposed to be listening. Turns out some of these so-called “bad behaviors” may actually be good for your health.
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Healthy berry grown in Ava
AVA – Heading north on Route 26 at this time of summer, going up and down with the unique contours of the road, going past Lake Delta and West Branch, one can find a type of vegetation very distinct to the area. From the distance, one can see white dispersed throughout a sea of green grass. The white is the color of the blooming elderberry. The elderberry is said to possess a plethora of health …
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Africa: Scientist Knocks African Millionaires – Says They Are Not Doing Enough to Solve Region’s Health Problems
Scientific researcher at Cape Town University, South Africa, Professor Kelly Chibale, is not entirely pleased with wealthy Africans, whom he said have not contributed enough to researches and ventures that could provide solutions to common health problems confronting the continent.
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