ACCUTANE: Acne Cure Linked to Depression

ACCUTANE: Acne Cure Linked to Depression
In 1982, pharmaceutical firm Roche released an acne medication that became not just an instant fad but also a sought-after drug for treating acne. Accutane, the brand name for Isotretinoin, has inevitably and logically gained instant recognition as a medication for getting rid of acne . It was considered an instant success. However, as years…
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Parasitic Worms May Offer Hope for MS Patients
For people suffering from debilitating autoimmune disorders such as multiple sclerosis, there is growing evidence that help may be at hand from an unusual source: parasitic worms
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Chemical reverses Type 1 diabetes in mice: study
TORONTO—A natural chemical generated by the same cells that produce insulin in the pancreas has been found to not only prevent Type 1 diabetes in mice but reverse the condition, according to a new study.
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