What can you tell me about a natural diabetes "cure"…?

Question by Q&A Queen: What can you tell me about a natural diabetes “cure”…?
mentioned by Kevin Trudeau in his updated edition of his “Natural Cures” book. He references an interview with a Dr. Yung Su Kim and a “combination of herbs researched at the University of Calgary, called by the Asian Diabetic Association” the final cure for diabetes.
I’ve googled this as best I could but come up with a variety of different things. Has anyone found this product or even used it that can tell me more?
Thanks in advance for your responses.
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Answer by SkepDoc 2.0
I can tell you that there is no such thing. Diabetes can be managed, but there is no cure.
I can tell you that Yung Su Kim is a TCM practitioner and has no medical training , and only anecdotes and testimonials for “proof”. He has not done any research or published any clinical trials proving his herbs have any effects.
I can also tell you that Kevin Trudeau is a convicted felon and conman, and that his book is complete fearmongering, misinformation and general bullshit, and is designed to make money for Kevin Trudeau. It offers ludicrous and in many cases frankly dangerous medical advice. Kevin Trudeau has no medical or health training of any sort, he is basically a self promoting salesman who preys on the fears of the gullible. His book is merely the latest in a long line of scams he has foisted on the public.
EDIT Globetrotter and Keepsondancing have given you some detailed and mostly correct advice on managing (not curing) Type 2 diabetes, though they did not address your specific question. Type 2 diabetics still make insulin, though it may not be enough for their needs, or it may be less potent.
In addition to all of the diet and lifestyle advice, type 1 DM also require insulin injections as they are incapable of making their own.

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