Q&A: Is there a natural cure for astigmatism?

Question by moinjaang: Is there a natural cure for astigmatism?
Is there a natural cure for astigmatism or a proven way to prevent/reduce it?
Before you jump in i would like to state im already aware of options such as wearing glasses (spectacles), toric contact lenses, PRK and lasek eye surgery.
But i would to know if there is an alternative. Something less intrusive, more natural, that someone has personally used or know has been used successfully by another person.
Many thanks
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Answer by aMY
There is orthokeratology, which is wearing lenses at night to flatten the eye and make you see during the day. It is expensive and can cause eye irritation.
I am not aware of any natural ‘cures’ for astigatism, which you have because it is a genetic issue, like the eye color and size of your foot.

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