Natural Cure For Sinus Infection

Sinus infections can be painful and uncomfortable. Antibiotics are usually prescribed to treat sinus infections but they are not the recommended long term solutions. I suffer from sinusitis and found that natural sinus remedies work best for me.
Here are some you can try.
First, drink plenty of water and other liquids. Mucous can thicken but keeping hydrated can help to thin the mucous. Drink water, tea or other clear beverages.
Stay away from dairy products. Some doctors believe that dairy products, including milk, cheese and even ice cream, may actually cause more mucous to form. Try avoiding these products when you have a sinus infection.
Try to treat a cold as soon as you get it. Lingering colds may make conditions right for a sinus infection. Use zinc supplements to help shorten the life of a cold and get plenty of rest.
Eat foods that are rich in antioxidants. These foods include berries, broccoli, tomatoes, garlic, red grapes and spinach that help to boost the immune system and may prevent sinus infections.
Try a steam treatment for your sinuses. Sinus infections can occur when mucous becomes thick and won’t drain properly. Steam can help keep mucous loose and moving through the sinuses.
Apply moist heat to the face to keep sinuses open. There are some heat packs available that can be warmed up easily in the microwave and held on the face as needed.
Apply a cold compress to the forehead and sinus areas relieve a sinus headache. The coolness will help shrink the membranes and provide relief from sinus headache pain. For best results apply as soon as the headache starts.
Take vitamin supplements to ensure your body is getting the proper nutrients daily. Potassium supplements will help dry up mucous.
Add apple cider vinegar to your facial steam. You can also drink it diluted in water to help a sinus infection that is just starting. Some people report great results using this holistic cure for sinus infection.
Use herbal remedies for a sinus infection. Herbal cures have been used for centuries and are safer and more effective than traditional medicines. Use eucalyptus or peppermint extract as an inhalant to clear sinus cavities. Either one can be added to a steam.
To sleep better during bouts of sinus attack, drink a cup of tea before bed. Chamomile tea is particularly useful for calming the body and mind before bedtime.
Try sinus irrigation. This is done using nasal irrigator that puts warm water into the sinuses. It can be found at most health food stores. Follow the directions on the box.
Learn the signs of an impending sinus infection and take precautions to prevent it from becoming worse. A stuffy nose that won’t seem to clear is a signal that mucous is thickening and is not moving. If left alone it may turn into a sinus infection.
Talk to a holistic doctor or herbalist to get advice on treating specific sinus problem. There are many natural remedies to help fight a sinus infection without the use of prescription medication.
Keep the use of drug medications to a minimum. They may have long-term negative effects on the body and tend to lose their effectiveness if taken too frequently. You may have to try several of the above-mentioned remedies to find the natural cure for your sinus infection.

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