Does anyone know a natural cure for bugs in your house?

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Question by wyldflwr34: Does anyone know a natural cure for bugs in your house?
I have centipedes, cockroaches, bees etc in my house. I have an extremely limited income and can not afford the price of an exterminator. Does anyone know anything else I can do to exterminate them from inside my house using natural household methods,…?
The centipedes I think, come thru my basement windows which are the old 1950 ones…I think. As for the cleanliness of my house, I am very clean and do not leave food unpackaged etc…. I carry on an extremely clean household. I’ve had this house for almost one year and the roaches I just saw about a month ago…and dont know why. the people next door to me are very dirty people. Could the roaches be traveling from next door to see what’s up with my place?

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Answer by trisha m
buy a cat

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