Q&A: How can I cure my vaginal yeast infection in a natural way at home?

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Question by lonicera: How can I cure my vaginal yeast infection in a natural way at home?
I’ve been suffering from yeast infections for years now and they have now become chronic. The drugs don’t help me anymore. The internet is full of different kinds of advice for natural cures, I have already tried some of them with no success. I was wondering are there really effective natural methods for yeast infections?

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Answer by HelloKittens
It sounds gross, but try inserting PLAIN yogurt (greek is best, NO sugar) inside of you, just as you would the Monostat cream. Make sure you wear a pad (to avoid a mess), and it’s best to do this before bedtime. Also, avoid SUGAR and simple carbs (white flour, pasta, juices, etc.) as best you can until the yeast infection subsides. Yeast infections *thrive* off of sugar. Up your water intake and drink unsweetened cranberry juice, this will help flush your system. Lastly, eat as much plain (again, greek is best) yogurt as you can stomach. The bacteria in the yogurt helps regulate your body’s natural bacteria levels inside you. Hope this helps. 🙂

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